Terms of Use and Conditions

Copywriting for Websites
Terms of Use and Conditions

Terms of Use
By using my website, Copywriting for Websites, you agree to comply with and be bound by the following terms of use and conditions. Please review the terms carefully. If you do not agree with these terms of use and conditions, do not use this website. The pronouns in the first person, such as “me”, “I”, or “my”, refer to Craig Hesser. The pronouns in the second person, such as “you” or “your”, refer to the user or viewer of the site.

You agree to the terms of use and conditions as outlined in this document with respect to my site. This document is the entire and only agreement between Craig Hesser and you, and it replaces any prior agreements you may have had with me, with respect to my site, products, services, and content. I reserve the right to change this agreement from time to time, without notification. The latest agreement will be posted on my website, and it is your responsibility to review the latest agreement.

Please note that my website is conceived with adult readers/viewers in mind, and is not designed to attract children, nor does it contain information that might be of interest to children. For this reason, persons under the age of 21 (or the legal limitation in your residential or Internet jurisdiction) are not allowed to use or view this website.

Accuracy of Content
The website’s content is provided “as is.” I can not and do not guarantee the accuracy of the website’s content, although I make every effort to ensure that it is accurate. This website may include information and other material prepared by persons other than Craig Hesser. The website’s content is provided as a courtesy, and I cannot guarantee that it is completely accurate or error-free. When using this website, you assume all risk of any errors in content.

Third Party Content
This website may contain articles or comments on posts or articles written by third persons. Craig Hesser is not responsible for the personal opinions of third parties, although in general I will allow them on the website. I do retain the right to edit or delete third party comments if I find them obscene, threatening, off-subject, blatant advertising, or otherwise unacceptable in the scope of the website, and I will exercise this right diligently.

Third Party Sites
This website contains links to other Internet websites and resources not affiliated with Craig Hesser (“third party sites”). Additionally, third party sites may contain links to pages on this website. I am not responsible for the availability, updating, or accuracy of any information provided by such third party sites, nor for the privacy or security of these third party sites.

Intellectual Property
This website contains content that is protected by state, federal, and international laws dealing with the protection of intellectual property (including trademark and copyright laws). Your use of this website does not give you any rights in or to any of the intellectual property contained on the website. Though you may view, download or print the content of the website for your own personal use, you may not otherwise use or reproduce the content without the consent of Craig Hesser.

This site is copyrighted by Craig Hesser. This copyright covers all content, organization, design, graphics, compilations, digital conversions, and magnetic translations that relate to this site. Copying this website, unless otherwise allowed, is a violation of my copyrights, and is strictly prohibited. You do not own any rights to any content on this website, unless it is your own work, such as messages you may have written in our forum or comments.

Craig Hesser, Copywriting for Websites, and other terms are my service marks or registered service marks or trademarks. Other product and company names mentioned on this site belong to their respective owners.

Your License
You are granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable license to:

  • Use the site strictly in accordance with this agreement
  • Use the site solely for internal, personal, non-commercial purposes
  • To print out information from the site solely for internal, personal, non-commercial purposes, ensuring that you adhere to all copyright laws and other policies in your usage of that information

You are not granted permission to use any information printed from our site in any type of litigation or arbitration, under any circumstances.

Your right and license to access and use this site, including any information or materials on this site, are subject to the following restrictions and prohibitions of use:

  • You may not copy, print (except as expressed above), republish, distribute, display, sell, rent, lease, loan, transmit, or otherwise make available in any form, or by any means, all or any portion of this site or any content and materials retrieved from this site.
  • You may not use the site or any materials on the site to develop any information, storage or retrieval system, database, information base, or any other similar type of resource that we offer for commercial distribution of any kind, including through license, sale, lease, rental, subscription, or any other type of distribution.
  • One objctive of this website is the provision to you of content material produced by Craig Hesser and other authors. The terms of that provision of content will be covered by a separate specific contract between you and Craig Hesser.

By using this site, you signify your agreement to the terms of use and conditions of this statement. You assume full responsibility for use of any information you obtain from the site, and agree that Craig Hesser and associates are not responsible for nor liable for any claim, loss or damage resulting from its use.

Craig Hesser
17 December 2011

Copywriting for Websites
Terms of Use and Conditions

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